Article 6

FCTC Article 6 (Price and tax measures to reduce the demand for tobacco)

1. The Parties recognize that price and tax measures are an effective and important means of reducing tobacco consumption by various segments of the population, in particular young persons.

2. Without prejudice to the sovereign right of the Parties to determine and establish their taxation policies, each Party should take account of its national health objectives concerning tobacco control and adopt or maintain, as appropriate, measures which may include:

(a) implementing tax policies and, where appropriate, price policies, on tobacco products so as to contribute to the health objectives aimed at reducing tobacco consumption; and

(b) prohibiting or restricting, as appropriate, sales to and/or importations by international travellers of tax- and duty-free tobacco products.

3. The Parties shall provide rates of taxation for tobacco products and trends in tobacco consumption in their periodic reports to the Conference of the Parties, in accordance with Article 21.


Guidelines for Implementation of Article 6 of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control 

At its sixth session in October 2014, the Conference of the Parties (COP) adopted guidelines for implementation of Article 6 (decision FCTC/COP6(5). These guidelines are available from the WHO FCTC website (